Embracing the right financial decision in service of society

We bring together a diverse group of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, united by shared values:

Sustainable innovation:

Combining the best of innovation and sustainability


Able to deal with uncertainty both within the established and new organisations


Driven to empower people to make better financial decisions

Community & Belonging:

Bringing together diverse people centered around a common objective

Collaboration & Partnerships:

Partnering and collaborating with a diverse set of people



As your growth-partners within the TFI Accelerator, we live by a set of operating principles. These principles reflect conscious choices to function as your partner for growth:

  • We are united by purpose and empower changemakers.
  • We operate as a group of partners, not in individual silos.
  • We combine the best of of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • We bring together sustainability, innovation, technology, digital products.
  • We provide an environment & structure where you can rapidly accelerate innovation.

As part of our program, you will experience these principles to the fullest. It will function as our compass to navigate through new terrain.