Area of Focus:
Intrahousehold dynamics
AI, (B) IoT, Machine Learning
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Incentives aren’t big enough to shift behaviors from spending to budgeting.

Inspired by past research on financial capability behavior, we sought to find out what people thought about budgeting –

  • 90% feel frustrated upon breaking their savings commitment due to overspending on daily expenses
  • 5 in 10 have a mindset that focuses on current needs at the expense of providing for the future

Further fieldwork showed that existing budgeting tools were not personalised and mostly future oriented. ‘Online shopping’ trends are making expenses less transparent and more frequent. The growing emphasis on ‘living in the now’ and a diminishing focus on ‘preparing for the future’ will only make people more uncomfortable with their recurring spending.


To date, we have zeroed in on the issue of people being financially squeezed – and havefound this to be a prevalent problem in the UK.


Jarvis wants to help customers gain a feeling of better control over their spending behavior. Our focus is now on ‘life events’.

We are currently experimenting on features for a solution relating to a perfect nudge agent that is timely, personalised, connected to user data and helps users save money daily. Currently, we have zoomed in on 2 personas: expecting parents and people who are about to get married. Client onboarding is underway, and we are inviting users to partipate in our Beta tests. Test our solution here.

Opportunities to engage

Jarvis is keen to collaborate with big data aggregators and machine learning enthusiasts. Additionally, we would like to connect with people who are well-versed in financial advisory and are looking for help in sourcing for test cases.

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