Area of Focus

Social behavioral data analysis

AI, Machine Learnings

Phase of development


Social media big data and machine learning algorithms could fairly accurately predict financial delinquency.

Springboarding from research insights on improving financial behavior through social media analysis, we conducted further user research which revealed that people tend to spend on unnecessary things which then prevents them from doing the meaningful things they value. Unnecessary spending leads to guilt-ridden debt and deeper financial and emotional problems. The debt cycle is something that is difficult to exit. What then? What do people need, in order to avoid this cycle and attain the lifestyle goals that they aspire towards?


Can I Afford This wants to help users stay financially healthy by making better purchasing decisions.

3 unique concepts (focused on travel seekers) are being tested:

  • A virtual assistant providing tailored insights to prevent overspending. 
  • A saving tool that encourages common (group) lifestyle goals, and motivates collaboration towards achieving said goals.
  • A virtual assistant that suggests ways to alter your current spending habits, in order to attain your favourite lifestyle.

Potential market: United Kingdom

Currently, we are exploring different age groups and genders to find the sweet spot for Can I afford this’s user base. Further, we are trying to understand the types of data available to us, and their specific uses within this region. We are also working on the creating an engaging user experience – we want to trigger not only questions around ‘can i afford this’, but also ‘what can i afford, today’.

Opportunities to engage

We are keen on working with experts who can help us understand and tap into the potential of relevant financial and behavioral data out there. Expert guidance in behavioral analysis, would also be significantly useful to help us on our mission. Test our applications by clicking on the links below:

Other Incubator Prototypes