The Challenge

We live in a society that is in a gold rush for change. The way we interact with money is constantly transforming due to ever evolving technologies and applications, as well as scale backs in government support. In this context, making informed and effective financial decisions is difficult.


For Social Good

Two years ago, ING, Deloitte, Dell EMC, CEPR and Dimension Data, together with a group of thought leaders and experts, came together to form the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). The goal was to analyse the challenges consumers face when making financial decisions and help build solutions to effectively empower them.

United For Purpose

With this goal in mind, the TFI Accelerator links research with innovation, where the insights gained from research can be used to develop useful solutions for society’s financial empowerment. Powered by Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, part of the We Empower Innovators network, this program is focused on integrating a new way of transforming research into tools for empowerment. It also provides the ideal environment for accelerating innovation.

The Program

One great idea can have a big impact for many people when applied on a large scale.

This Accelerator is a pilot program. As we progress, we too want to learn from the outcomes of the program. From these learnings, we can continue forward or change our path towards accelerating innovation.


In this phase, entrepreneurial teams will focus on utilising the research insights brought forth by TFI and turning them into useful solutions in service of society’s financial empowerment. They will go through a special program consisting of useful workshops, mentor meetups, coaching sessions and relevant industry events, that will provide them with the tools they need to build solutions that will address the challenges society faces.


Phase 2, will begin early next year involving fintech startups with a focus on social impact. In this track, we want to help startups take their business to the next level and scale-up further. Through the program, the startups will be connected to a vibrant ecosystem of experts, investors and potential customers. Ideas for this stage, will be prioritised based on quality and potential impact.

What We Offer

2 tailored phases – an incubator track targeted at corporates and a growth track for startups

Intense, 3-month programs for each phase designed to support the intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs

Located at We Empower Innovators HQ @ B.Amsterdam

Access to We Empower Innovators Ecosystem

Collaboration with experts, mentors and research institutes


Powered by Startupbootcamp, part of We Empower Innovators network